Advocacy: ad·vo·ca·cy - noun - Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.

Advocacy is incredibly important to the work that we do. Those who advocate for treatment, recovery, and parity in support of those struggling with addiction help uphold our mission and make these resources available for those that need them. Below are some tools that can help you advocate and lend a hand to the efforts of our organization. 

Don't Deny MeToo often, people can’t get the help they need because of insurers’ overly aggressive managed-care techniques. Confused and overwhelmed with treatment costs that insurance won’t cover, many give up and suffer in silence. It is time to break that silence and shine a spotlight on a system that oppresses those with mental health and addiction challenges. Parity is now a human rights issue; it is time to demand change. Review the fact sheet below to learn more.

Download the "Don't Deny Me" materials below!

Don't Deny Me Brochure 

Don't Deny Me Factsheet

Don't Deny Me Infographic

ATS Advocacy & Education Toolkit

Our Toolkit is designed to help anyone access materials for education and advocacy around substance use and opiate use disorder. Our Toolkit includes PowerPoint Presentations, FAQ, Logos, and more. Download the Toolkit Components below, or ask us to present to your group or organization! 

ATS Logo

Adolescent Addiction PowerPoint

ATS General Information PowerPoint

ATS Opioid Crisis PowerPoint

Predator & Prey: Opioids' Savage Effect on our Community

Predator & Prey is an 18 minute documentary created by East Middle School students profiling the opioid crisis in our local community. The film features interviews with those who are in recovery, families who have lost a loved one, and local experts in the field. ATS has created a discussion guide that pairs with the film and helps frame conversations around the opioid crisis. 

Click here to see the Predator & Prey Film

or click the image below to download the Discussion Guide