Gabe is a builder and father of four. He started using around age twelve and remembers getting really drunk the first time he drank alcohol. He continued to use alcohol as well as other drugs and spent some time in jail his senior year of high school. While he was on probation, his drug use tapered off—except prescription drugs. He would continue to abuse alcohol for the next thirteen years.

He views his behavior as being selfish and irresponsible. His kids would not even look at him, and his wife would get angry with him—until she finally left. He remembers his daily commute home from work, telling himself not to drink, then stopping at the liquor store and taking the long way home. "I was a professional drunk driver," he said, or so he thought until he was arrested in February of 2010 on a drunk driving charge. 

Prompted by his ex-wife, he came to Dakoske Hall for the twenty-eight-day men's residential program two years ago. 

He credits his counselor with keeping him honest.

"John was a pain in the ass!" Gabe recalled fondly. "He'd stay on you; he'd make you accountable." He added, "I didn't ever really know what accountability was."

After the first couple weeks of the program, Gabe had a spiritual awakening. At a local church, out of a feeling of desperation, he asked God for help. "He came over me," said Gabe, "and I haven't wanted a drink since!"