Bob came to the residential treatment program at Dakoske Hall following a felony DUI charge. The terms of his probation required him to undergo addiction treatment. He says he was looking forward to rehab—he hadn't ever gone before but had been in sobriety court for a year and a half previously.

He was optimistic and entered the ATS residential program with a positive attitude and an open mind, which he insists made all the difference to his success.

"The program is dynamic, takes a holistic approach," he said. "Any issue—from the spiritual to the practical—they're one hundred percent willing to tackle it."

Bob felt that everything came together for him at once, and he knew he needed to do something different. "You have to be willing to adapt. Life is fluid, and you get stuck if you keep doing things the same way," he explained. "I now have the desire to stay sober. I was able to see how much help is available." He wishes to pass along this sentiment to others facing addiction: "Know you're not alone in recovery—and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg either!" 

Since completing the twenty-eight-day program, things started to go really well for Bob. "I've been maintaining, doing all the things I need to do to stay sober," he said. "I feel if I keep doing what I'm doing, I won't have any screw-ups." He had such a positive experience at Dakoske Hall that he didn't want to leave the program. Bob is now living at an ATS recovery home (T-house), although he is not court ordered to be there. The extra accountability there is helpful for him. "I'm going to stay in the ATS bubble for a while longer," he said with a smile.