Paula Lipinski
Chief Executive Officer

Paula Lipinski serves Addiction Treatment Services as the Chief Executive Officer. She was named CEO in July of 2022. Paula started with ATS in January of 2019 as an Access Case Manager. She later was promoted to Withdrawal Management Program Manager and then to Chief Impact Officer. Prior to ATS Paula worked 16 years in Child Welfare both as a Case Worker and Supervisor. Paula holds a Bachelors' Degree in Sociology from Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University.  Paula is a person in recovery who understands the impact the disease has on the person, family and community. She made a decision in 2018 after acknowledging the negative impact the disease had on her life, that she would no longer live in the shadows and would speak openly about the disease and constructive ways to combat it. She has used her personal story and professional strengths to help others who are struggling, as well as advocating for change and partnership with in the community.  Paula acknowledges and is very grateful for the assistance that she received along the way and enjoys helping others in the same way.