Kenny is a father, student, and athlete. Describing himself as a “garden variety drunk,” Kenny was in and out of detox for years. He credits the staff at ATS for sticking with him: “If it wasn’t for Dakoske Hall, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Kenny is currently seven months sober. He is training for his eighth marathon.

Regarding the detox program, Kenny explained, "I don't know if it enables people, but when somebody's ready [to really stop drinking], they're ready—like me." He said the best thing about his experiences at ATS (which also included acupuncture and drug testing) was the support he received from staff. "They believe in people—even if they know it [detox] won't work, they treat people with respect and compassion," he said. "They never talk down to me." 

"I'm realizing that I'm a miracle—I should be dead," he said and smiled. "I think that's helping me a lot."