Grant Card
Operations Manager

Grant began working for Addiction Treatment Services as a part-time midnight care coordinator in 2011. After several new positions and promotions, today Grant is the operations manager and corporate compliance officer for ATS. He has a history that includes working in the mental health, substance use disorder and medical care industries. He is skilled in operations management, operational and strategic planning, contract negotiations, funding and business development, billing and financial management, as well as EHR/EMR development and implementation.

He graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2016 and has a prior educational history in premedical studies and psychology. Unfortunately, he left his dream of becoming a doctor behind after he was forced to leave school in his junior year because he was diagnosed with cancer. He moved to Traverse City from his hometown of Okemos, Michigan, in 2003, and his son was born shortly after he overcame his cancer. Now his son is a teenager, and Grant enjoys spending any free time he has with him, enjoying his family’s home on Arbutus Lake.