2 July 2014 by admin
Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) has a daunting task to consider. Our community, like much of the country, is in the midst of an epidemic. Drug abuse, especially of prescription medication, is… Read More
7 January 2014 by admin
Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) affirms national efforts to end the stigma and discrimination associated with addiction. In support of these efforts, ATS will record the stories of 50… Read More
13 August 2013 by admin
From 9&10 News (click to watch the news clip): Heroin use is impacting communities across northern Michigan, but there are places ready to help. Experts say the drug, which creates… Read More
13 May 2013 by admin
The Basics: Alcohol 101 ALCOHOL: is a central nervous system depressant made from organic sources including grapes, grains and berries. These products are fermented and distilled into a… Read More
10 April 2013 by admin
ATS is Impacting Our Community— Join us Today! Download the ATS Board Candidate Brochure today! Read More