Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.04.04 PM.png The purpose of Rethinking Addiction is to bring citizens from all facets of our   community, to come together and work together on the most effective,   impactful strategies and initiatives related to the public health crisis of   addiction.

 We've already got boots on the ground. Together, with our community, we're   currently engaged in creating stronger, deeper connections between non-profits, service providers, and those in recovery. We're also building coalitions that will support the work being done in the field of recovery and addiction, and collaborating to create region-wide initiatives that will better educate the community on how we can actively make the place we call home a true recovery community.

Thank you for your interest in Rethinking Addiction and creating a healthier recovery community across our region. Your advocacy matters, and we couldn't do this work without people like YOU!


We're currently working on initiatives to support a healthier recovery community. We have recently launched the SOAR Initiative, Sober Opportunities and Recreation!

SOAR Logo.pngThe purpose of SOAR is to provide meaningful connections and opportunities for those in recovery across our region to come together. We know that an important part of Recovery is finding outlets for your creativity and energy. Through Sober Opportunities and Recreation - SOAR - we hope to bring those in recovery together to enjoy activities and experiences across our region.

Our first SOAR event will take place on Monday, December 11th from 5-9 PM at the PORCH and we'll be decorating holiday cookies and watching "Elf"! Interested? Contact Kate Kerr, Director of Communications & Outreach,!

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