2020 was certainly an unexpected journey for our little organization. We started the year off with a newly adopted strategic plan that boldly set our course for the next five years. The plan was ambitious, focused, and energizing, with goals aimed at growing and prospering as the regional leader in treatment and recovery.

Then, our field – and the whole world – changed. The rapid onset of the global pandemic immediately dwarfed and consumed the pandemic of addiction. Instead of looking towards the future, we quickly realized that our agency’s survival was on the line. We closed programs to meet government mandates. We reduced census to meet social distancing restrictions. We developed protocols to keep our staff and clients safe in a time of anxious uncertainty. In short, we ditched the strategic plan for a survival plan.

In the end, Addiction Treatment Services not only thrived, but we also became a stronger institution as a result. Upon reflection, we should have expected this to be the case. We have always been an agency that manages crisis, believes in hope, and looks for opportunity in the darkest of places. This is what we encourage in our clients because this is who we are as an organization.

The ATS staff deserve every credit for navigating an unimaginable situation. They kept showing up to work and believing in the healing that happens here. They pulled together to keep our organization operational in a time when many other treatment centers could not. I know there is no way to express adequate gratitude to the ATS team, but if you know someone who works here, please reach out with gratitude. This annual report is dedicated to their efforts.

— Christopher Hindbaugh, CEO