“Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams a reality.” - L.J. Seunens

Hope Happens Here. This has been our tagline for over a decade. It is our guiding vision. It is printed on our letterhead. It is plastered on the sideof our maintenance van. It is even spelled out with four foot letters on ourconference room wall. I suppose you can say that these three words areimportant to this organization.

Reflecting on the past year, I pondered the meaning of hope and why the concept resonates within the organization. I was curious about ways to touch it, explain it, or measure it. In the end, I had the realization that the type of hope we aim to foster is something intangible. However, it does involve giving people permission to dream about a way of life that amplifies all their best qualities. It involves creating space that honors the struggles of the past while setting intention for the future. It involves the creationof a shiny new self-narrative. In sum, Hope is the primary ingredient in what makes ATS a special place to work and to receive treatment. It drives everything we do, even when we don’t know exactly how to neatly quantify it.

That said, much of our work is very real; very tangible. In the subsequent pages you will read a few stories, you will see some data and look at some financial reports. You will hear about work we are doing in the community and how our efforts are saving lives. ATS is a complicated, dynamic and ever-evolving organization. We have many moving parts that are involved in meeting our lofty mission. So, as you read the following pages, please keep in mind that all these pieces are tied together by that one overarching concept - HOPE HAPPENS HERE.

Christopher Hindbaugh, CEO