When we were considering a theme for our 2017 Annual Report, we knew we’d be focusing on new beginnings. We’ve had a few this year - for the organization - and for those in recovery. In May, we moved to a new building that brings more of our team to one location and provides ample meeting space for our staff and other community organizations and initiatives dedicated to fighting substance abuse.

August brought us to “Rethinking Addiciton through Community Engagement” - a community-wide conference that pulled together citizens, healthcare and treatment professionals, those in recovery, and internationally recognized speakers to discuss and break down some of the barriers around addiction and recovery in our own community.

We learned that the community wanted more - a more open platform to discuss the disease of addiction and more ways to connect to the recovery community and support those struggling.

We had to step up, and in late 2017, launched a number of initiatives aimed at better supporting those in recovery. You can learn more about some of those initiatives in the pages of this report, and we hope you are inspired by this work.

Our agency continues to morph, grow, and diversify to meet the needs of our community. We’ve heard too many stories about our neighbors struggling, and worse, dying. Part of our job is also to inspire hope and share the success stories that happen every day. Our goal is that this report brings you just a glimmer of that hope.

Thank you for your continued support,

Christopher Hindbaugh, CEO


If you have any questions, or would like to have a copy of our Annual Report mailed to you, please contact Kate Kerr, Director of Communications & Outreach, katek@addictiontreatmentservices.org or (231) 346.5218